The 2021 Charitable Beneficiary is Iron Wolf Recovery Fitness

A recovery-focused fitness community connecting peers through physical activity and social support
Iron Wolf Recovery provides a supportive, all inclusive, fitness community brought together by the desire to stay drug free/ free from illicit & non-prescribed substances.

At Iron Wolf Recovery (IWR) we understand that addiction does not simply end when you stop using drugs/alcohol and that we must cultivate a lifestyle which nurtures recovery! We started this program because of a community need to have more FREE substance-free experiences. IWR provides a safe, supportive environment for individuals to rebuild their social network, find their inner strength and rediscover the possibilities that life has to offer!

The IRW model is based on a mixture of personal experience and scientific evidence. Not only has physical activity been shown to be effective in supporting mental health and recovery, exercise as means to reduce the vulnerability to return to use has a scientific backing. Physical activity has been shown to help to restore some of the chemical imbalances created by chronic drug and alcohol use. Additionally, mutual aid groups are the most successful resource available to support long-term recovery! We’re better together!

The idea of a recovery-focused fitness community to support physical health & social connection among peers is not new. In fact, it has shown to be successful across the country with examples such as The Phoenix, Fit2Recover and The Recovery Gym. The combination of physical activity, social support & group belonging that such programs provide is unparalleled in terms of mental, physical and spiritual growth.

Iron Wolf Recovery is implementing this concept in South Carolina.